Your Strata Manager

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Your Strata Manager

Get Strata is built on delivering a personalised service. You will know your strata manager and they will only ever be one phone call or email away.

As a company, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the pack. We have fresh ideas and a modern approach. This is built on making your strata scheme work best for you, by being proactive in all our approaches.

Benefits of the Get Strata Management Approach

  • We offer all owners and occupants’ useful info and advice.
  • We understand the importance of preventative maintenance. By being on the front foot, common areas have an increased life span. In addition this means there are fewer instances of malfunctions or breakdowns, resulting in fewer periods of inconvenience for residents.
  • We are able to provide you with a service in which all communication correspondence including meeting notices and levies are sent directly by email. This ensures efficiency, reduces cost and is better for the environment.
  • We look to review insurance offerings every year, seeking alternatives in order to reduce your premiums.
  • We provide monthly financial statements

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